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Orders and Selected Families of Insects


The purpose of these documents is to provide entomology instructors with a standard set of materials to teach the taxomony of orders and common families of insects. They were originally developed for an insect systematics course taught at VPI&SU by Ravlin. However, their format and content is, in part, based on fact sheets developed by Day, Voshell, and Fell. HTML markup was done by Denise Dodd and Joanna Payne. In addition, many of the excellent images of insects came from the Brigham Young University slide collection and Kenneth J. Stein's Virtual Insectary. It has truly been a team effort. These fact sheets are put here for anyone's use. Please feel free to use them in whole or in part. All we ask is for recognition of our work. Also, note that we have provided links to other relevant works now available on the Internet. In particular we reference The Tree of Life that contains many useful documents and a systematic structure for the taxa presented herein.

Insect Identification and Diagnosis Request

For the identification of insects and mites, contact a local Virginia Cooperative Extension office, or find information about offices in your state.