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Immature Insects

Select the larva that most closely resembles the pest found in your house or pantry.

    Fly Maggot Image
Fly Maggots are slender and are narrow at the head region and broad at the tail. They appear (and are in fact) headless. They can either be Blow Flies or House Flies. Maggots are usually associated with dead animals or rotting food.
    Borer Image
Borers - Old House Borers, Flatheaded Borers, Roundheaded Borers, and Powder Post Beetles are in general all pale to creamy in color and have a dark head and small or missing legs. They are found in wood and their tunnels are filled with sawdust. All leave exit holes as they exit the wood.
    Black Carpet Beetle Larva Image
Black Carpet Beetles are similar in size to the varied carpet beetle but are golden yellow and have a long tuft of curly hair on the end of their abdomen. Associated with food and wool.
    Carpet Beetle Larva Image
Carpet Beetles are small (1/8 inch or 3 mm) and very hairy. They appear to have two tufts of hair on the end of their abdomen. Associated with food and wool.
    Clothes Moth Larva Image
Clothes Moths are associated with wool clothes and WOOL carpets. The make a case from the wool they feed on and are identified by this characteristic.
    Indianmeal Moth Larva Image
Indian Meal Moths are slender creamy white caterpillars often with a pink or green tint. They will be associated with food or may be found on the WALL or CEILING.
    Larder Beetle Larva Image
Larder Beetles are associated with cured meat and dead animals. They are hairy and have two spines on the end of their abdomen.
    Mealworm Larva Image
Mealworms are associated with animal feed and meal. They are dark colored and have are long and slender like a wireworm.

Insect Identification and Diagnosis Request

For the identification of insects and mites, contact a local Virginia Cooperative Extension office, or find information about offices in your state.

Identify Your Insect: