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Identification of Small Beetles

Select the small beetle that most closely resembles the pest found in your house or pantry.

    Small Brown Beetle
Little Brown Beetle Group - The beetle you have is small brown beetle that lacks distinctive markings.
    Black Carpet Beetle Image
Black Carpet Beetles are similar in size to the varied carpet beetle but are solid black and have the last antenna segment elongated. Associated with food and wool.
    Elm Leaf Beetle Image
Elm Leaf Beetles are a little over 1/4 inch or 6 mm long and have green and black markings on their back.
    Lady Beetle Image
Lady Beetles are rounded and hemispherical in shape. They are usually brightly colored with black spots. Many people know them as "ladybugs".
    Larder Beetle Image
Larder Beetles are black with a silver white band across their back. They are often associated with cured hams.
    Varied Carpet Beetle Image
Varied Carpet Beetles are small (1/8 inch or 3 mm) but brightly colored with yellow-green markings. Associated with food and wool.

Insect Identification and Diagnosis Request

For the identification of insects and mites, contact a local Virginia Cooperative Extension office, or find information about offices in your state.

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