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Identification of Little Brown Beetles

Select the insect that most closely resembles the beetle you have found. This set only covers the major pests and you may have something else. In that case you should contact your county extension agent. He/She is well trained in local insect problems.

    Bark Beetle Image
Bark Beetles are small (1/8 inch or 3 mm) beetles associated with firewood. They are distinguished by their cylinder shaped bodies and clubbed antenna.
    Cigarette Beetle Image
Cigarette Beetles are similar to drugstore beetles but have shiny wing covers and have the head bent down at nearly a right angle giving the beetle a humped appearance.
    Drugstore Beetle Image
Drugstore Beetles are brown with distinctive lines on the wing covers. The head is bent downward but not enough to give it a humped appearance.
    Red Flour Beetle and Confused Flour Beetle Image
Red Flour Beetles and Confused Flour Beetles are rust red beetles with a distinctive clubbed antenna. Body is somewhat flattened.
    Rice Weevil Image
Rice Weevils are small (1/8 inch or 3 mm) weevils with a long beak. They are associated with stored rice, corn and other grains. The best control is to locate the infested food and discard it. Seal all other grains in air-tight boxes and bags to keep them from becoming infested.
    Sawtoothed Grain Beetle Image
Sawtoothed Grain Beetles are small (1/8 inch or 3 mm) beetles associated with stored foods. They have saw-like teeth on the side of the thorax.

Insect Identification and Diagnosis Request

For the identification of insects and mites, contact a local Virginia Cooperative Extension office, or find information about offices in your state.

Identify Your Insect: