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Identification of Insects and Mites

Identifying your insect pest is an important first step in determining what to do next.  This section will help you identify common household, vegetable, and Christmas tree pests.  The household insects section shows adult and immature stages; navigate through the pages until you see the insect that most closely resembles what you are trying to identify.

Insect pests for vegetables are listed by common name.  Select the vegetable plant, then the insect that attacks this plant.

The Christmas tree section provides information about common pests, control, and scouting for insects.

Most of the insect names link directly to the Virginia Cooperative Extension insect fact sheets.  These sheets provide more comprehensive descriptions about insect appearance, habitat, life cycle, types of damage, and control.  You can also print out a PDF version of the fact sheet by selecting the top link on the right-hand side of the fact sheet webpage.

Insect Identification and Diagnosis Request

For the identification of insects and mites, contact a local Virginia Cooperative Extension office, or find information about offices in your state.